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Many potential disputes related to a will can be successfully managed or planned for before they occur. Our team of caring lawyers will work with you in Bundaberg and throughout Wide Bay to address your concerns, determine relevant issues, and provide you with practical and honest advice regarding your legal options.

A well thought out estate plan covers how you will maintain your lifestyle now and in the future, including retirement plans, business arrangements, and taxes, as well as ensuring your assets go where you want them to go. Our wills and estate lawyers can help you to draft up such a plan and ensure that your wishes are respected both now and in the eventual execution of your estate.

Our lawyers can guide you through any aspect of your will or estate (including disputes)

If you are in the process of planning your estate, allow us to work with you to review and manage your personal, family, and business affairs while you are still alive and after you pass away. Our dedicated lawyers — including one of Wide Bay’s only accredited specialists — have extensive knowledge of wills and estate planning and can advise you through the process.

Wide Bay - Will & Estate Planning

Solicitors at Finemore Walters & Story have significant training in probate law, wills and estate planning to assist in resolving your legal requirements. Having one of the largest estate practices in the region, and one of only two accredited succession law specialists, gives you assurance that any estate dispute will be handled honestly and professionally and any dispute will be resolved as quickly as possible.

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Our firm has been part of the community for over six decades, a time we have spent serving clients both locally and elsewhere throughout Queensland. We operate on the core values of social responsibility, respect, integrity, diversity, inclusion and quality in everything that we do, and put our clients’ best interests first regardless of the circumstances. We strive to resolve issues through negotiation or mediation in an effort to reduce stress, cost and time, but will be ready to guide you if the courts become involved.

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